Nunatak Greenland

Greenland, the biggest Island in the world, has several unclimbed mountains or nunataks. We sat course for Narsarsuaq, and the area where Eirik Raude settled down as the first Viking that started explore the “Green Island”. 

From Narsarsuaq, the next step was getting onto the Greenland icecap. Then start the journey with sleds towards the unnamed nunataks.Going into the uncertainty and climbing mountains that no one has been on before, could be of high risk.

For us it was important to lower the risk on other areas, so we could focus our attention towards the challenges the nature gave us. We did so by bringing with us equipment that where reliable and had functionality for solving several different tasks. We used Halite bags on our sleds to protect our equipment from the weather. At the camp site the air and waterproof bags where perfect “chairs” both for resting in the sun and have a meal.

Halite’s two-layer sleeping bags system, is a flexible system that provided us good nights of sleep both in 15 degree Celsius down in the Narsarsuaq and in minus 20 Celsius at the Ice cap. The sleeping bags system the consist of one down and one synthetic bags is both light and isolates good in humid environments. The overbag could even be used as an emergency shelter for short trips.

With the certainty that our equipment gave us, we could focus on the nature.

With the certainty that our equipment gave us, we could focus on the nature.Both the beautiful scenery and the difficult tasks in front of us with glaciers and finding the safest routes up to the peak. 14 days at the ice cap gave us outdoor experiences and memories for life, and in total seven new nunataks was explored.

Photos by: @runegjeldnes