Overbag Crocodile Pro

Built to beef up insulation on your 3-season or winter bag, the Overbag adds approximately 14 degrees Celsius to any sleeping bag system.

Upgrading your 3-season sleeping bag to a cold weather bag and your winter sleeping bag into an extreme bag, for the coldest conditions around. Used on its own, the generous sizing makes it a great choice for a light summer bag for travelling and trekking. With a small pack size and weight at 900 grams, the Overbag is perfect on cold arctic operations, on those extremely cold days when your primary bag does not do the job. The construction of the zippers and opening allows for extra ventilation and easy entry.

This bag will also accommodate most of the standard width sleeping mats, creating a cocoon of warmth when hanging in a hammock. And the best thing, the sleepingmat does not move when you snuggle up in your favorite position.

In cold conditions this overbag solution will also help your down bag wetting out. If you do everything right the condensation will pass through the down bag in freeze between the to “layers”. Making it super easy too brush off before you pack down. Our fill is also insanely hydrophobic, making it super easy to dry up if it gets damp.

Weight: 900g
Dimensions: Inside length and width: 240cm x 95cm, Inside foot width: 52cm

Design features:

  • ClimaShield Apex insulation
  • 3D built bathtub construction to minimize heatloss
  • 2 half way zippers on both sides. Easy access and venting out the bag
  • Will accommodate most Expedition bags
  • Pertex Quantum outer fabri

Technical features:

  • Insulation:Top 2 layers of Apex, bottom 1 layer of Apex
  • Fabric: Pertexx Quantum
  • EN-Temp: Comfort: 7C, Comfort Limit: 3C, Extreme: -11C
  • Pack size:19x26cm

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Generous sizing allows it to fit over a 3-season and winter sleeping bags, or used as a great ventilated bag for a good night’s sleep in warmer climates.

Dual Zip

Two long zippers, one on each side, allow you to ventilate the top part of the bag and at the same time increase the insulation in the foot piece with the open flap. This huge opening and size of the bag makes it possible to wear all your gear on entry.