Recce Down 4 Sierra

In collaboration with Western Mountaineering and their 45 years of manufacturing we have developed a system that will increase warmth, increase comfort and increase scalability and flexibility. The generously sized 4-season down bag is protected with Gore WindstopperTM 830 Fabrics, with 850 plus fill power goose down and both with the most complex construction in the world to reduce weight and reduce down migration when abused over a long period of time.


Fill weight: 850g (180cm/6'0) 905g (200/6’6”)
Fill power: 850 FP Goose
Construction: Continuous baffles with draft tue
Zipper: Full length YKK #5 LZ• Loft spacing: 18cm
Fabrics: Gore Windstopper / Taffeta Nylon
Inside Girth: Shoulder: 170cm / Hip: 147cm / Foot: 104cm
Pack size: approx: 23x46
Weight: TBC app. 1500 grams
Temp. rating: -18 C
With Overbag: Est. -32 C

Made in the USA!
Berry Amendment compliant


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Made with Gore Windstopper TM and Taffeta Nylon.

Our down bags have the most complex construction in the world to reduce weight and reduce down migration when abused over a long period of time.


Two-bag system.Our down bags fit perfectly with our Overbag PRo, creting a two-bag system for any weather conditions.

Down 3 S and 4 S can of course by used on their own.


Our Recce Down bags are made in U.S.A and created in collaboration with Western Mountaineering in U.S.A.

No compromises have been made in terms of the sleeping bag's isolation, construction or materiality. All components and materials are sourced from the best available manufacturer within their own categories.


Stay warm and dry. To protect the down from outside moisture, the down bag is made of a Gore Windstop outer fabric. 


Down gets a 10/10 score on heat to weight ratio, is the best insulation material, and it provides the best volume when packing as opposed to synthetics and wool.

Our Recce 3S has a fill power of 850 and weighs appx. 900 g. 
The Recce 4S has a fill power of 850 and weighs appx. 1500 g.


Halite has created a system that allows for our bags to be supplements to existing solutions. We believe this gives added flexibility and creates new areas of use.

We don’t want you to have to buy a different sleeping bag for every season – we want you to keep the one you already have, and be able to supplement with one of ours for those even colder missions.